With the plethora of marketing tools available and all promising to improve upon your current marketing efforts, what is key to your decision making?  Cost, ease of use, features, integration?  The list goes on.

However, when deciding on which email marketing platform to use, there is an additional option to consider.  Do you opt for a Drag and Drop editor, which is easier to use and allows you to build a campaign quickly, yet restricts how creative you can be?  Or do you go for a fully flexible Open HTML editor allowing your creative juices to run free?

Campaign Master has not just one but two editors, so you get the best of both worlds in one platform.  Over the coming weeks we will be publishing a video for a sneak preview of our new Drag and Drop editor. If you can’t wait get in touch directly at info@campaignmaster.co.uk or sign up for further details.

We’ve created a chart to outline the pros and cons of each editor to help you make the best decision for your business: