Most of the time email marketers will be sending campaigns to unique email addresses. In many email marketing platforms, often the primary key in the database (the unique identifier) is the email address.

So, what do you do when your unique identifier is not an email address?

CMAdvantage can help those marketers who need to use alternative primary keys, such as an account number. With CMAdvantage, you can choose whatever unique identifier you wish.

In our second scenario, what if you need to send emails to duplicate email addresses in your database i.e. a shared email address? It’s not very common, but this scenario does exist amongst many businesses.

This feature is not just for duplicate email addresses, but any duplicate field in your database. We’ve visualised an example spreadsheet below from an insurance client to explain further.

In this example, a family share an email address but hold different policy types. So, separate, fully personalised emails can be sent to individuals with details about their specific insurance policy.

In this second example of a banking client, the unique reference is the account number, but it is duplicated as individuals will have joint accounts.

You can set up multiple accounts to keep unique and duplicate data separate from each other, so having totally flexibility in how and whom to distribute communications.

Finally, you may wonder if you can send campaigns to generic email addresses such as info@ or sales@ emails. A lot of ESP’s don’t accept generic email addresses and these will be rejected in their systems.

But there are many companies that have a team behind one email address. Take for example our which is a shared mailbox between all our lovely support consultants.  So why would we reject this?

CMAdvantage lets you upload generic email addresses too.

If you need to work with an ESP that allows duplicate data, generic emails and lets you choose your own primary key, please get in touch at for a personalised demo.