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Why You Should Stop Using Outlook for Email Marketing

At Campaignmaster we are repeatedly amazed at professional companies who send marketing messages via Outlook. We often hear the reasons for doing this as being “it’s free”, “emails get through” or “it does the job”. This may be right to an extent, but you could be doing a lot more damage than you know if […]

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What is a Bounced Email?

We endeavor to deliver non-technical, non-jargon blog content to all email marketers – rookies and experienced alike. One terminology we regularly come across is bouncing emails and what these are. A common misconception is that a bounced email is when you receive an out-of-office automated message, but this is incorrect. An email bounce means the […]

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Why Do My Emails Bounce?

In the world of emails, we often hear things like “I got a hard bounce”, “this email soft bounced” or “look at my bounce rate”. But what does it all mean? There are lots of suggestions about what a bounced email is. Some people think a bounced email is when you receive an out of […]

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