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Growing An Email Marketing Database

Sorry to start this blog with some bad news, but unfortunately, it’s true. An email marketing database degrades by about 23% every year. There are various reasons for this and include people opting-out of your communications, moving to another employer, (so the email address is removed from servers), or just decide to stop using an email […]

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The Email Engagement Process

Quite a lot goes on in between an email send and a conversion, and it can be a tricky to guide subscribers though to your goal. When a subscriber engages with an email they usually follow a strict path that guides them from the inbox and to a conversion. This is something we call the email […]

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Email Call-To-Action

Back when I started out in email marketing, I overheard someone use the term ‘call-to-action’. “Call to what? Arms? Have we upset someone?” I thought to myself. A fictitious battle involving staplers, printers and other office equipment began raging in my imagination. It was at this point a colleague noticed that my eyes had totally […]

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