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Progressive Profiling

Three Ways to Resolve This As email marketers we are always talking about the need to send targeted, relevant content to improve our email marketing . But this is based on the assumption that we have the information to do that. Well what if you don’t? What steps can you take to improve the quality of […]

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The Email Engagement Process

Quite a lot goes on in between an email send and a conversion, and it can be a tricky to guide subscribers though to your goal. When a subscriber engages with an email they usually follow a strict path that guides them from the inbox and to a conversion. This is something we call the email […]

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Five Ways to Increase Open Rates

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got your inbox sorting technique down to a tee. Fast and furious scanning through swathes of emails, assessing entire groups of messages in seconds flat. Read, mark as read, spam, delete, delete, delete. It’s a pretty efficient but brutal process to be sure, and sometimes even the most […]

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