Valentine’s day is nearly upon us and with that we’re seeing extra displays of affection in email marketing campaigns. No surprise really when over £300 million pounds was spent on Valentine’s day in 2019!

Obviously, we can’t all turn our emails pink and place hearts everywhere, but we can incorporate little touches to make our emails more relevant for the occasion.

See my top ten tips below that you could use to theme your emails for this special day:

  1. Giving back to a charity is a great way to show you care, so tying this in with Valentine’s day makes it even more expressive. Tell your audience what you have done and your fundraising plans for the year.

  2. Running a contest around Valentine’s day with a gift of chocolates or flowers could help engagement on your email campaigns.

  3. Play on the idea of “two-for-one” so relevant to couples with clever copy writing.

  4. Take the opportunity to show love for whatever you sell or what service you provide. We sent this cheeky email last year.

  5. However, not everyone may be in a relationship so don’t forget those singletons and put out a special offer for those people too. 

  6. Incorporate related emojis into your subject lines.

  7. A reminder about Valentine’s day could be very much appreciated before the day itself. You could incorporate a handy countdown timer.

  8. Or, don’t sell anything and just send your audience a cute e-card. You should sign up to make sure you get ours! You will see just how much fun you can have with email 😊 Sign up here.

  9. Last minute buyers need a helping hand, so take them straight to your best sellers and don’t forget to entice them with fast delivery subject lines.

  10. Create customised content based on your audience’s preferences, so tastes are catered for.