Online forms generate further engagement from email campaigns and can add more specifics to your existing database, enabling you to personalise your communications more effectively.

With Campaignmaster, you can create a variety of online forms that can be used to grow your databases organically. They can also be used to capture ad-hoc data for events and surveys.

Subscriber Forms

Organically grown data is always better than purchased data as it’s current, up-to-date and very importantly, the subscriber is actively requesting to receive communications from you, which is great for your email marketing engagement.

Using our Subscriber Forms module you can create sign-up forms and place the generated code on your website without disrupting your layouts at all. You can also use a generated link to distribute your form via social media. Submitted data is sent to your CMAdvantage email marketing account automatically and to a specific list, removing any manual work of re-importing the data.

You can also have as many data fields as you wish, thereby making effective use of personalisation in your email campaigns. There are a range of different fields you can use to capture the data you require correctly. These include checkboxes, text boxes, radio buttons, drop down menus, date fields and more.

You can even set up a lightbox to pop up and capture new subscribers when someone lands on your website and all new collected data is time stamped for marketing consent purposes.

Alongside our forms, you can generate email notifications so you can be notified each time your form is submitted, or alternatively just check out the list growth at your leisure. You can use the data you capture to create bespoke, targeted lists and content specific campaigns based on your readers preferences and areas of interest.

Doesn’t stop there! With every subscriber form comes a ‘manage my details form’ so your subscribers can change their preferences whenever they wish through the email marketing campaigns they receive.

Ad-Hoc Data Capture Forms

Our Data Capture Forms module works independently and you can choose whether you want to link directly to your CMAdvantage database or not. You don’t need to worry about having to create additional fields in your database to accommodate these types of forms either, so these are great for polls, surveys, invites and competitions.

Again, you can have notifications following every form submission and additionally download results whenever you wish.

You are able to link all forms to your campaigns, allowing you to create a chain of engagement for your recipients. Not only can forms be linked to campaigns, but they can also be utilised on our powerful automation module allowing you to automate a series of processes, saving you time and effort.

We cater for all languages and can create smart forms that jump to relevant questions determined by previous answers.

Further benefits of using our forms are that they are fully branded to your company and we don’t force you to use our company logo’s. All links and images will display your company’s details. And as with our email marketing servers, all data is retained in the UK complying with UK data protection laws.

Finally, if you purchase our forms modules you can create an unlimited number of forms and collect as much data as you wish without paying a penny extra for additional contacts.

Should you wish to find out more information about our form modules, please get in touch with us at