Email marketing is a powerful means to communicate and a way to connect businesses with their clients and prospects. 

If you’re new to it, read on and see what type of campaigns you may look to send and if you need a tour around our platform please get in touch.

There are different types of email marketing campaigns and each serve their own purpose, which is fundamentally to acquire, engage and retain their customers, prospects and readers.

This is all to ensure optimal ROI (return on investment).

The 4 main types of email campaigns which stand out to us are:

  1. Email Newsletters
    The most common and popular type of email marketing communications. Just like the original paper newsletters, e-newsletters provide subscribers with helpful knowledge and information which adds value to their inboxes. To do so, the trick is to create engaging content specific to what your subscribers have signed up to and expected to receive; create a buzz around new services/products/releases and announcements, ensuring you retain those readers/subscribers.

  2. Promotional Email Campaigns
    This type of email communication is popular amongst many B2C companies, specifically in the online retail sector. Promotional emails help to drive sales, increase traffic to your website and encourage new sign ups. They are used to entice and encourage readers to buy a new product or service by offering discounts and exclusive offers. These emails are also used to cross sell the different products and services you as a business may offer to your customer base.

  3. Acquisition Emails
    This type of e-marketing campaign is a way for your business to acquire customers who have opted to receive your communication and in turn, convert a reader into a customer. Attractive offers, concise and to the point campaigns with targeted content will show the value of becoming an active customer or client. These types of emails tend to be a lot more targeted in the content delivered and focus on potential prospects who have expressed interest in what your business has to offer.

    Acquisition emails could also be used to acquire new subscribers and readers to your content.  One way in which you could achieve this would be by using Subscriber Forms.  Create a simple form and embed it on your website so it inherits your websites’ styling. Gather as much information as you’d like – we recommend the basics such as email, first and last name and any preferences of content and those sign-ups will sync directly with your CMAdvantage account.

    One of the easiest ways to do this would be by inserting sign up forms on your websites and social media accounts.

  4. Retention Email Campaigns
    Retention emails either requesting feedback or some kind of offer for your subscribers is a technique to keep them engaged in your content, therefore retaining their valued business.   These types of emails can be sent to your engagers as well as customers or readers who receive your emails, but do not engage and you wish to retain.  Retention emails are a useful email strategy that can help you keep your hard-won subscribers.

    Using Automation you can setup workflows based on the different types of retention emails you are looking to run. If you are looking to re-engage readers who have not engaged with campaigns, you can setup an automation, re-engagement flow to encourage opens which will hopefully lead to interaction within the campaigns.

    Automation can also be used to setup workflows to get users engaging with campaigns by using an incentive. You can then go about other daily campaigns while the automation flow will run in the background.

Bear in mind that when your reader/customer/subscriber finds your emails informative, useful and valuable, they are more likely to forward and share.

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