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Email Split Testing

You’ve probably heard of AB testing in email marketing, but have you heard of A, B, C, D and E testing? Well with Campaignmaster you can create five different versions of your email and test to see which version works best and resonates with your audience. Small changes can have a significant impact on the […]

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The Free and Easy Way to Test Emails

There are a dizzying array of email clients out there, and each has its very own rules as to how it displays email. These can result in small or large inconsistencies in your email, depending on which email client it’s being viewed in. This means it’s crucial to test your email before sending to ensure […]

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Explore A/B Split Testing

Want to improve your email open rates and click-throughs? Stupid question right? Well in order to do so you will need to understand what floats your subscriber’s boat! Different things appeal to different readers so you need to test, test and test some more to see the impact your content will have on the reader’s […]

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