Want to improve your email open rates and click-throughs? Stupid question right? Well in order to do so you will need to understand what floats your subscriber’s boat! Different things appeal to different readers so you need to test, test and test some more to see the impact your content will have on the reader’s interaction. So where do you start? This is where A/B split testing comes in.

What Is A/B Testing?

With AB testing you can send two different versions of the same email to a small sub-set of your subscriber list. Once sent, you’re able to monitor the two emails to see which has the best performance. When you have decided on the winner (best opens, clicks conversions etc), you can send it to the remainder of your subscriber list. Such tests have been proven to increase conversion rates and the good news is; it couldn’t be simpler in Campaignmaster.


A/B testing can solve many business conundrum’s and has many capabilities:

We understand that you barely have enough time to send just one email, let alone test it first – that’s why we’ve made AB Testing easy and fast to use, adding literally just two minutes to the creation process.