Your data is one of your biggest assets, but how detailed is it? Understanding your audience and their preferences will shape your future email marketing strategy, allowing you to send relevant and targeted content to the right people at the click of a button. So how do you do it?

Creating forms & surveys is one way that will enable you to gather valuable profile information or feedback and will furthermore allow you to segment your database effectively.

Campaignmaster’s Collection Forms Module enables you to build and share fully customised surveys, competitions, questionnaires and RSVP forms. All of which can be branded to reflect your corporate colours and also importantly a fully branded form URL. They can either sit as free standing HTML pages with a fully branded URL, or you can integrate them into a website using an iframe.

From invitations and registration forms through to feedback surveys, this is a powerful tool that can automate and manage all of the logistical steps.

You can also use this module for automating and managing events, saving you loads of time collating and managing registrations, sending reminders and confirmations. Plus, all your data is accessible from your Campaignmaster account.

Many firms will use the forms to capture data to enable recipients to download resources such as whitepapers/brochures etc. Mix this with our Automation Module and you have quick and easy lead nurturing process in place.

All data collected is then easily accessible in an Excel spreadsheet for you to manage, or easily uploaded into the database or new list .

Some of the key features of the Campaignmaster Collection Forms Module: