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Creating Outlook Style Email Campaigns

In the world of email marketing, design trends are ever evolving. One trend however, that is very effective are Outlook or plain text campaigns. What do we mean Outlook style campaigns? Great question. These are email campaigns (which are mass launched) that resemble a simple text email you would send directly from your email account. […]

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How to Break up Text Heavy Emails

Grabbing and retaining your recipient’s attention should be the first objective of your email campaigns. However, you may find your results show that more text heavy emails have lower open and engagement rates. Don’t get me wrong, text-heavy emails definitely have their advantages. For example, instead of asking readers to click to read, content is […]

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How to Create the Perfect Text Email

Most email users read their messages in an HTML enabled email client. This means they can see nice rich content such as alternating fonts, colours, images & tables i.e the emails that we’re all used to receiving on a daily basis. However, some email users can only get access to what’s called ‘text’ email. This […]

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