Earlier this year we published our email marketing ‘best practice guide’. It’s jam packed full of tips and suggestions for effective email marketing, and best of all it’s totally free. That’s right, the best bits of our knowledge and experience gratis, on the house, without recompense and possibly for love…

In light of our brand new blog, we’d like to share this again for those who may have missed it the first time around. Designing and coding an email is at best ‘tricky’ and at worst maddening, but we’ve got your back!

Whether you’re totally new to email marketing, or consider yourself an email aficionado, our guide is sure to contain some useful information for you. Our recommendations will help your email campaigns to look their best, play nicely with spam filters and arrive safely in your subscribers inboxes.

This guide focuses on design and coding recommendations, rather than the theory behind email marketing itself. We consider these recommendations to be best practice for sending regular email communications any volume of subscribers.

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