We previously published an article about the pros and cons of resending emails, but what should you do when your subscribers are simply not reacting? If you are choosing to not mail them you could be leaving money on the table. Yet if you are continuing to mail them you may be able to increase their profitability by cutting back on mailing frequency.

Inactive email addresses are a dilemma for most email marketers. Whilst trying not to be offended that they are not interested in your emails anymore, you will be pondering whether you should remove them from your list and reduce your send total whilst admitting defeat? Or should you keep mailing them until they burst into life and realise how much they have missed you?

Continuing to mail them does increase your risk of deliverability issues but this doesn’t mean you should stop altogether. Providing you have a clear plan and are taking precautions you can still benefit from these email addresses without impacting deliverability.

Reviving Your Inactives Whilst Protecting Your Deliverability



Inactive subscribers will not respond at the same rate as active ones, so don’t expect the same success rates. Chances are the open, click thru and conversion rates will be lower, but that does not mean this list will not generate any revenue that would otherwise have been lost.