When it comes to email marketing, there’s loads of terminology that we e-marketers use. However, my preferred buzz word may be different to yours.  For example: I say use the words ‘suppression list’ but you may use the words say ‘blocked list’.  Both mean exactly the same thing – basically a list of people not to email.  So do you prefer buzz words, or do you prefer plain talking?

Let’s test it out and see what this looks like with an example…

Would you like to create some adhoc data capture forms to capture additional data on existing subscribers?  How about setting up some channel unsubscribes to manage opt downs.  Think you could do with some automated, anniversary, content delivery?

All sounds a bit formal doesn’t it?  So in this blog let’s do away with jargon and get down to some plain talk.  If you like the sound of some, (or all), of the features below that Campaignmaster can help you with, get in touch with your account manager and leave the technical bits to us 🙂

Event Management

Jargon = Data Capture Forms & Notifications
Would you like to create beautiful email invitations for your events and receive a notification every time someone signs up with all their preferences listed?

Jargon = Data Capture Forms
Would you like to have all your event sign ups fall into one isolated list that you can target straight away without exporting/importing each time?


Anniversary & Behavioural Campaigns

Jargon = Automated Campaigns
Would you like to send someone an e-birthday card with a special discount or incentive automatically on their birthday?

Jargon = Scheduled Triggers
Would you like to present your users with options to be reminded of a future event

Jargon = Triggers
Do you want to strike while the iron’s hot and send a recipient an automatic campaign based on their last email engagement?

Jargon = Automated Campaigns
Would you like a system that can auto generate subscription renewal reminders, so you don’t have to remember?


Collecting New Sign Ups

Jargon = Subscriber form in an iFrame with Automated Campaigns
Do you want a pop up on your website to collect new email subscribers and add this data automatically to your email marketing account and from there be automatically enrolled on a series of welcome emails?

Jargon = Subscriber Preferences
Do you want to give your users the power to choose which type of e-news content they want to receive?


Creating Micro Sites or Landing Pages

Jargon = Global Hosted Pages
Did you need to host some content on your website but your web manager doesn’t have the time to update the web page in time for your campaign launch?


Creating Content Automatically

Jargon = External Hosted Content
Would you like to pull live blog content into your campaigns automatically?

Jargon = Customised Content
Would you like to send content thats specific to your recipient’s preferences?  For example, their preferred holiday destination, or from their specific account manager?

Jargon = Link Salvage
Have you launched a campaign and realised afterwards that the link or image was incorrect?


Reports & Analytics

Jargon = Bespoke Reports
Do you want to run a report on all the email addresses that have not opened or clicked in your emails in the past 6 months to try and re-engage them again?

Jargon = Bespoke Reports
Or perhaps the opposite and run a report on your top email engagers and reward them with an extra special offer?

Jargon = Advanced Analytics
Do you want to know many people are printing your emails?

Jargon = Advanced Analytics
You’re spending a lot of time on making your emails responsive but would you like to know what percentage of your readership is actually viewing their emails on mobile devices?


Text Messaging

Jargon = SMS Module
Would you like to send short text messages to your database highlighting new content or offers available?



Jargon = Dedicated IP Addresses
Do you want to ensure your sending reputation is not tarnished by another client’s bad list?

Jargon = Dedicated Sending Domain
Would you like your links and from address to be fully branded?

Jargon = Pre-header text
Would you like to increase the chances of your emails getting opened by adding more to the subject line?

Jargon = AB Testing
Do you want to split your data and try out different subject lines and send the best performing campaign to the remaining list?

Jargon = Multivariate  Testing
Do you want to split your data and change different elements of your email campaign and send the best performing campaign to the remaining list?