Black Friday this year falls on the 27th of November and Cyber Monday on the 30th of November. Cyber Monday strictly applies to online shopping, while Black Friday deals can be found both on the high street and online.

In these unprecedented times, the demand for online shopping has understandably increased significantly and become the norm whilst we socially distance and live life in lockdowns.

Going to the shops, browsing through aisles and trying on clothes is fast fading into a distant memory of happier times. Moreover, with regional and national lockdowns, most of our favourite stores may not even be open.

However, one important fact remains unchanged; the discounts Black Friday weekend offers will matter to those of us who couldn’t splash out on full-price goods this year.

Here are a few facts and figures of our shopping habits in 2020 so far:

In summary, online shopping in 2020 has become new a way of life. Whether we are buying essentials, non-essentials or gifting, it has become an important function and with so much online choice, the build up to the shopping weekend has already began.

Here are some examples of email marketing campaigns and subject lines already hitting our inboxes.

PS – I particularly like the last example as it was a very eye-catching subject line!

November = A month of Black Friday deals 🎉

The Body Shop
Black November – it’s the new Black Friday! 🎉

Secret Escapes Team
Black November SALE lands with a BANG! 💥

Shop now, enjoy December.

Estee Lauder
Kickstart Black Friday Month 💥 Your Early Treat