When it comes to designing and building your email campaigns, you undoubtedly spend the majority of the time thinking about the body of the email and what you want the main message to convey – and rightly so.

However, it’s important to take time and focus energy on the other key, structural component of your email that may often get brushed over. That’s right, we’re talking about your footer.

Email footers may not be the first element you consider when building emails, but they are an essential component that shouldn’t be put together without thought. Don’t forget – if a recipient has scrolled through your email, your footer is going to be what forms their last impression of your company.

In this blog, we’re going to explore the importance of a good email footer and what elements you should be including in yours, to make your footer work that much harder.

What is an Email Footer?
First things first, what exactly is an email footer? The footer of an email is located right at the bottom or end of your email, after all of your body content.

Why do Email Footers matter?
Email footers ensure your email is complete, displaying a common brand theme from head to toe. Think about when you receive an email and want to find out the company’s contact information, where do you go to check? That’s right – the footer!

Email footers help to improve the quality of interaction with your recipients and ultimately shape their final impressions of your email campaign. Essentially, email footers give you the ability to connect with your recipients. From a design perspective, including an email footer also shows you have carefully designed your campaign and have taken into consideration the consistency between the content you send out – every email will be coherent with the same footer, establishing a common brand theme with your recipients that is easily recognisable.

What should be included in my Email Footer?
So now you’re convinced to add a footer to your email campaigns, the next step is determining what information should be included.

Let’s break this information down into two categories; required and optional.

Required Elements
Email postmasters state that unsubscribe links, preference centres and mailing addresses should always be included in your email campaigns. Without these elements, your campaigns are very likely to end up in the dreaded Junk folder. As time has gone on, it has become common practise to place these in the footer of your email. Therefore, to avoid confusion on your recipient’s behalf, we suggest you place these elements here.

Optional Elements


Let’s take a look at some footer examples:

Example 1:
The focal point of this footer is connecting to recipients via social media, but you’ll notice key elements such as whitelisting information and an unsubscribe link have been subtly added:

Example 2:
Simplistic and to the point – this footer contains all the necessary information (including legal terms and conditions) whilst blending in nicely with the overall theme of the main campaign body:

Example 3:
Taking the longer approach, this store has included all required elements and then some! Notice the prompt to download the app:

Example 4:
Imagery not your thing? Why not follow this example where plain text is unlisted to clearly show all important information, not taking away from the main campaign content:

Example 5:
Subtle design elements here make this footer super effective – a logo has been included with all important links being the same colour to stand out:

Example 6:
We can’t show you examples without including our very own footer – designed to contain all the key information without taking away from the rest of the campaign. Note how the blue contact button has been made to stand out against the black background:

Email footers are just one component of a successful email campaign, but never one that should be forgotten or overlooked. We hope this blog has provided you with some valuable information and handy tips that you can deploy when creating or updating your email footers.

In our email marketing platform, you’re able to create and fully customise email footers, tailoring the colours, fonts, content and so much more. Did we also mention you can lock these to prevent specific users from editing all your hard work?

Get in touch today if you’d like some more information or help creating your ideal footer. Email info@campaignmaster.co.uk or call us on + (0) 44 208 863 5334.