It is advisable to offer subscribers options of what type of e-communications they wish to receive, in order to send targeted email marketing campaigns.

Below is an example of the different types of e-communications that British Airways have on offer:

That’s quite a varied choice!

If you have a large number of communication lines as shown above, your recipient might not want to receive all these different e-newsletters.  For example, say your reader wants to remain on your career e-newsletter, but only receive information on engineering jobs. This is where our Channels module comes in!  You can remain on the e-newsletter for careers list but opt down from all jobs except engineering ones.

Incorporating our Channels module opt down option in your emails, also reduces the number of unsubscribes, as your recipients will only opt down from what they no longer want to receive, but still receive the content they do want to receive – increasing overall engagement!

It’s also a good idea to also include a ‘Maintain My Preferences’ link in your emails which will take your subscriber to their general preferences allowing them to update their preferences.

If you would like more examples of how the Channels module could reduce your unsubscribes and keep your subscribers engaged give us a call on +44 (0) 208 863 5334 or email