When it comes to email marketing we talk about best practise and what you should and shouldn’t include in the content.

One important link that is quite underestimated in our opinion, is the Forward to A Friend link. Perhaps not considered so important as people can just forward emails directly right?  Yes, you can but in email marketing terms it causes some complications and I’ll explain why.

If someone just forwards an email the following will happen:

As a result, your campaign reports will be misleading and not accurate against the original recipient.

With CMAdvantage, our email marketing platform, you can easily insert a Forward to A Friend ready-made link, which allows the original receiver of the email to safely forward the email campaign to one or multiple email addresses and remain intact. Additionally, the user can also include a personalised message when forwarding the email on.

Don’t worry about data protection as you will not capture the forwarded email address details.

Additionally, you don’t have to use the standard text of Forward to A Friend, you can use alternatives and we have some suggestions below:

Finally, you can also customise your Forward to a Friend form thereby retaining your branding consistency.

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