Campaignmaster is fast becoming the platform of choice for many councils, due to the many relevant benefits for these government bodies.

Benefits include:

In this blog we detail the additional reasons and advantages why local authorities have entrusted Campaignmaster with their email marketing and subscriber management.

Security Measures

We do everything we can to have the most secure platform. Campaignmaster is ICO/ISO and Cyber Essentials registered.

Multi factor authentication can also be enabled on accounts where just a username and password alone are not sufficient for access to data.

Further security features include IP restrictions and advanced user privileges, adding an additional layer of controlled access. For comprehensive details on our security measures, click here.

No User Licence Fee

The key word here is unlimited, and with Campaignmaster you can create 1 or 100 users at no additional cost. We do not charge a per-user licence fee.

Unlimited Contacts, Topics & Lists

There is no limit to the amount of data, contacts, or database fields (topics) that you can have in your account. You can grow your contacts database without being charged any additional fees to hold them in your account.

Versatile Subscriber Forms

As you have unlimited database fields, you can present as many options are you like on your sign-up form, along with preference forms too. Allowing your subscribers to fully control what type of newsletters they receive.

Instant Support

Our team is based in Harrow on the Hill in London and we provide instant support via email and telephone. You won’t find any robots or ticket queues here!

In addition to your subscription is account management. Our account managers have originated from within the team, so you have a knowledgeable email marketing expert to help you and provide guidance, updates, bespoke training and much more.


As a scalable platform, we offer a wide range of optional add on modules to enhance your email marketing activity.

Our subscriber forms and landing pages are extensively used by our council clients and we can rebuild your existing forms, with better layouts and more topics (there is no limit!) as part of your migration to Campaignmaster.

Some councils have saved hours of manual work by using our automation module to send certain comms automatically. For example, adding recipients to a weekly building applications email, or internal welcome SMS to new staff.

To explore all modules available, please click here.

Multiple Editors & Bespoke Design

Our clients have the luxury of choosing from two editors to build their email campaigns. Users can choose from HTML or drag & drop to develop their emails.

We also provide over 100 free templates within our drag-and-drop editor, which are fully customisable and give you a great starting point to create bespoke templates for your council.

Additionally, our in-house design team can create tailored designs that reflect your website or give you something totally different if you want it.

Insert maps, videos and buttons in a few clicks and advanced features come as standard at no additional cost.

Approved Supplier

We are listed on the G Cloud as an approved supplier for lot 2 and we are more than happy to procure where necessary.


Some of our councils have migrated from suppliers that are restrictive when it comes to branding and design.

With Campaignmaster your from address is fully branded and there is no masking of the sender, thereby improving email delivery straight away.

You also have full control over the layout and design of all your emails, with the ability to add as many  content blocks as you wish.

Email Accessibility

Accessibility is important and our platform provides a readymade tool, enabling readers of your email campaigns to have an improved reading experience. As far we know, we’re the only email service provider to offer this feature and below are just some of the options a visually impaired user can use to improve their reading of your comms:

Work Spaces and Sub Accounts

Often councils require separate groups or departments to have access to their own email campaigns. Or if it is a very large team, the ability to restrict visibility to certain users.

At Campaignmaster we can provide sub-accounts and workspaces if you need them, allowing users to maintain their own department data, suppression lists and assets in their own way.


This is a crucial component when it comes to email communications and this is an area we pride ourselves on. At Campaignmaster, we aim to hit every inbox and as standard apply many deliverability measures. Below we’ve outlined some standard measures and you can read more about our delivery measure here.

As you might be aware, Google and Yahoo recently implemented new email authentication requirements. Campaignmaster already follow these best practises and have done so for many years.

If you would like to discuss your email marketing requirements, please email us at and one of our friendly reps would be more than happy to help. Alternatively, you can sign up for a demo here.