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What is API?

Application programming interface, also known as API, allows communication between different applications.  An API may be used for a web based system, database system, hardware or a software. API allows two applications to communicate to each other. It can also be referred to as a messenger that delivers the request to the provider and then […]

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Transition From Print to Digital Designer

With social distancing becoming a way of life, I felt it an apt time to write this blog as it may help designers looking for new opportunities and transitioning from print to digital. Coming from a background in designing for print production, I noticed many similarities and likewise, key differences that need to be taken […]

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Goes without saying that we want all emails to render correctly across all devices. However, we may sometimes run into issues where an email client may not support certain elements, or layouts, within the email. This becomes apparent when opening a campaign on a mobile device, where the email client does not support mobile optimisation, […]

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