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Email Accessibility

The London 2012 Olympics campaign was my email of the year for plenty of good reasons, but it was its exemplary attention to accessibility that really won me over. So, sharpen your pencils, spit out that gum and join me in discussing accessibility. Good email design will always cater for the broadest spectrum of subscribers. This […]

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Beat Mobile Image Compression

Ever noticed your images acting strangely when viewing your email design via a mobile network? While putting our mobile friendly email newsletter together, we were hit with the pesky issue of mobile image compression. In order to save on bandwidth, some mobile networks automatically reduce the quality of images that are downloaded by mobile devices. […]

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Holiday Emailing Guide 2012

The TV adverts have begun, the high street is beginning to swell and the run up to the holidays is upon us. It’s heaven for some and hell for others, but every email marketer should relish the unique opportunities the holidays bring to engage with subscribers. You won’t be surprised to hear that email sends […]

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Five Ways to Increase Open Rates

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got your inbox sorting technique down to a tee. Fast and furious scanning through swathes of emails, assessing entire groups of messages in seconds flat. Read, mark as read, spam, delete, delete, delete. It’s a pretty efficient but brutal process to be sure, and sometimes even the most […]

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How to Insert and Embed Video in Email

Many of you have asked us whether it is possible to include video within your email campaigns. You’ll be pleased to hear that the answer to this is a resounding ‘Yes!’. It is 100% possible for you to include video content in any email campaign, and you can implement this in a number of different […]

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