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Dedicated IP Address vs Shared and How It Affects Email Deliverability

Professional email marketers will know that there is no silver bullet to email marketing deliverability. The chances of landing in the inbox as opposed to the junk box, or worse, still not being delivered at all, depends on a multitude of factors. One such factor and a major one at that, is the IP address you are […]

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Maximising Deliverability to Microsoft Email Addresses

The Holy Grail of email marketing is undoubtedly, deliverability. If you are not getting through to your recipients inbox your beautiful designs and lifesaving offers are all pointless. There are various factors that influence the deliverability of your communications and the inane number of spam institutes and blacklisting organisations out there can make you feel […]

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Email Marketing Checklist

So summer has officially ended and it’s back to work we go. So to try and keep those holiday blues at bay, we’ve created a useful checklist for you to download and save and make your email marketing life a little easier. Hope it helps and happy autumn everyone! Click Here to download your editable version.

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GDPR – Email Marketers Getting Compliant

  Ways to Ensure That You’re Well Equipped Review Your Opt-In Procedures New rules state that consent for email marketing must be explicit, specified and informed. This means that it cannot be inferred from silence, pre-ticked boxes or inactivity. Additionally, your data privacy notices/declarations used when collecting their email addresses must be clear on how […]

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What Makes A Great Subject Line?

A question asked very often in email marketing is what makes a great subject line? Unfortunately there is no silver bullet. Our simple answer comes threefold; An email that is timely, relevant and relates with the reader. Our work and personal email accounts are open communication channels and will be utilised very differently. At work […]

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