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The New Gmail – More Than a Facelift

With Google I/O 2018, we were flooded with a sea of new features and updates coming not only to Android but also Gmail. After over five years since the last major upgrade, Gmail has received not only a face lift, but also a boost in functionality and security which is rolling out to over 1.2 […]

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Gmail Unsubscribe – How Will It Affect You?

What’s All This Then? Never ones to shy away from controversy, Google have introduced a new feature to Gmail which aims to make it easier for users to unsubscribe from email lists. Eligible emails will now display a prominent ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the top of the page when accessing Gmail via webmail (it’s still unclear […]

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Gmail Image Caching

Woah, Hold on There! What’s All This ‘Image Caching’ About? Ok, I’ll take it from the top. Traditionally, when you download the images in an email, a request is sent from your email client to an image server. The images are then downloaded in real time from the server and to your email client. Ta-da! […]

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