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Voice Assistant in Email Marketing

You might have asked Siri or Google to find a nearby restaurant, check the weather, play your favourite song or find your favourite football team’s score. These are commands we are all familiar with and use in our everyday life. However, today voice assistants can do much more, for example check your emails, read your […]

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How to Make Your Email Stand out with Blocked Images

If I’m scanning through my inbox and come across a well-designed ‘images-off’ email, I get a little bit giddy with excitement. As I’m sure you’re aware, many email clients block images by default. While some are starting to break the trend and download images automatically (Hello Apple Mail & Gmail), a sizeable chunk still persist […]

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Gmail Image Caching

Woah, Hold on There! What’s All This ‘Image Caching’ About? Ok, I’ll take it from the top. Traditionally, when you download the images in an email, a request is sent from your email client to an image server. The images are then downloaded in real time from the server and to your email client. Ta-da! […]

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High Resolution Images for Mobile

The recent explosion of devices touting ultra-high resolution displays has been a real feast for the eyes. Swathes of phones, tablets and PC displays now have razor sharp text and crystal clear images with nary a pixel in sight. However, in order to see all of this high definition loveliness, text and images must first […]

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How to Use Images in Email Effectively

Images are a fantastic way to make your emails more engaging, and serve as your faithful sidekick for getting around the restrictions of ageing email clients. Gradients, rounded corners, buttons, custom fonts, animation and more are all made possible using images. As I’m sure a lot of you are aware one of the biggest challenges […]

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Beat Mobile Image Compression

Ever noticed your images acting strangely when viewing your email design via a mobile network? While putting our mobile friendly email newsletter together, we were hit with the pesky issue of mobile image compression. In order to save on bandwidth, some mobile networks automatically reduce the quality of images that are downloaded by mobile devices. […]

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