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Google & Yahoo – New Email Authentication Requirements

Very important reading for email marketers everywhere! Google and Yahoo (two of the biggest email providers) announced new measures last year that will take effect from February 2024, which will ensure you receive less spammy emails to these inboxes. If you send more than 5000 emails per day, you need to read this blog. Google […]

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Yahoo! in Europe to Reform as Yahoo! EMEA

From 21st March 2014, all European Yahoo! properties, including Yahoo! UK, will be managed from one centralised HQ in Ireland to be known as Yahoo! EMEA. This change will affect all services offered by Yahoo! UK and other European Yahoo! services, including Yahoo! Mail. In light of this change, Yahoo! are requiring all users of […]

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What to Do About Yahoo! Address Recycling

What’s Going On? In order to free up user ID’s on their service, Yahoo! are recycling accounts that have been dormant for a year and allowing new users to sign up with the old ID. All previous data associated with the old accounts will be deleted, including email messages, contacts and any other personal information. […]

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