A question asked very often in email marketing is what makes a great subject line? Unfortunately there is no silver bullet. Our simple answer comes threefold; An email that is timely, relevant and relates with the reader.

Our work and personal email accounts are open communication channels and will be utilised very differently.

At work we read our emails because we have to, but if it’s non-essential work related content or in our personal inbox, what will drive us to open and read them? We come back to the email being timely, relevant and relatable.

Let’s start with some general facts and figures about email marketing subject lines:

We say this all the time but it’s true… you should split test your subject lines and our multivariate testing is an invaluable tool and comes as standard for all Campaignmaster users. We took a very small number of prospect data, (300 records to be exact), and conducted an extremely, simple subject line test. No other content was changed, not even time of day.

Version A’s subject line was ‘Start sending better email’

Version B’s subject line was ‘Send better email marketing campaigns’

The results speak for themselves:

Email Marketing Split Test

So the upshot is that we can swot up on facts and figures but fact is, if a subject line is meaningful to us then we are more likely to open it.

Furthermore, with Campaignmaster’s Advanced Spam Analysis tool you can test your subject lines against the main email filters to analyse your content and get a breakdown of any potential red flags in your subject line and your content too.

Here is one of my inboxes and it is overflowing (I am an email marketing geek after all!). I’ve highlighted the emails I will definitely open.  Guess why?  They appeal to me and it’s got nothing to do with the subject line length or the time of day that I received the email.  So yes, I’m planning my summer holiday and am partial to a glass of lovely wine and ready to buy now (or very soon!).

Good Subject Emails Examples