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Top Four Takeaways From Integrated Live 2016

Email marketing remains the most cost effective marketing channel, but still so many people are struggling with the basics.  Check out our infographic and if you can relate to any of our top 4 take aways from the Integrated Live 2016 show you should get in touch with us. Do you want better delivery of your […]

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Email Marketing Checklist

So summer has officially ended and it’s back to work we go. So to try and keep those holiday blues at bay, we’ve created a useful checklist for you to download and save and make your email marketing life a little easier. Hope it helps and happy autumn everyone! Click Here to download your editable version.

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Why You Should Stop Using a Shared IP Address

First of all let’s clarify what an IP address is.  An IP address is a unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies a computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. So what does this have to do with email marketing?  Well an IP address should be assigned to your […]

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Double Opt-In vs Single Opt-In

Do you know the difference between a single and double opt-in process?  Which one should you use to win new email subscribers?  Read on for our guidance. Single Opt-In So, this is basically a sign-up process where a user does not need to verify that they signed up to receive email campaigns.  The user submits […]

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Can I Read My Emails on an Apple Watch?

So now we have something else to read emails on – the Apple Watch has arrived and the Smart Watch era is well and truly here! So is it a smaller iPhone strapped to your wrist?  Kind of.  It’s basically another device that notifications are pushed to and that includes texts, tweets, Facebook messages and […]

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Still Sending Marketing Messages Through Outlook?

Professional marketers you may be surprised to know that there are still a substantial portion of people who are absolutely resolute that they can achieve email marketing success by sending mass emails through their internal email system. In such discussions, phrases such as “it’s free” and “does the job” seem to be the standard response […]

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