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The New Gmail – More Than a Facelift

With Google I/O 2018, we were flooded with a sea of new features and updates coming not only to Android but also Gmail. After over five years since the last major upgrade, Gmail has received not only a face lift, but also a boost in functionality and security which is rolling out to over 1.2 […]

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How to Avoid Email Phishing

We live in an era where hackers are trying anything and everything to obtain your details. With an army of bots at their disposal it is now more important than ever to be aware of malicious emails, phishing, and spoofing attempts. So, Before We Begin, What Is Phishing Exactly? Phishing is when someone pretends to […]

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Your Guide To SPAM Traps

Deliverability is arguably the holy grail of email marketing. In order to maintain a high rate of deliverability we need to comply with best practises and maintain a good reputation with various Anti-spam institutes and organisations. These organisations exist solely to enforce anti-spam legislations and protect the general public from spammers. To achieve their goal […]

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How to Avoid Getting a Red Card from Spam Filters

Deliverability is one of the biggest issues that email marketers have to tackle. Poor deliverability can seriously affect the chances of your email making it through to your subscribers. Spam filters can catch even the most seasoned marketer off guard, so what can you do to avoid them? In the past spam filters were heavily […]

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Steps to Prevent Sending Unwanted Email

Like millions of other subscribers, we all receive masses of unwanted email on a daily basis. Unsolicited messages will not only have an impact on the effectiveness of your campaign, but they can also negatively impact future ones. With emails possessing the highest return on investment across digital channels, it’s no surprise that it is the communication method […]

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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation – What You Need to Know

On the 1st of July 2014, the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) will come into effect, and it’s provisions will reach far beyond the borders of our maple-loving neighbours and be applied to anyone who’s emails are opened in Canada. It’s important to note that CASL is not just limited to Canadian email addresses (, but […]

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