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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday this year falls on the 27th of November and Cyber Monday on the 30th of November. Cyber Monday strictly applies to online shopping, while Black Friday deals can be found both on the high street and online. In these unprecedented times, the demand for online shopping has understandably increased significantly and become the […]

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Subject Lines Through COVID-19

In our email marketing industry, we take a great interest in subject lines, as they can influence whether someone opens, ignores or deletes your emails. These unprecedented times that COVID-19 has brought us has drastically changed email marketing strategies, with some businesses reducing their output, whilst many others increasing their activity significantly with more email […]

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Common Email Marketing Myths Busted

“Walking under an open ladder will bring you bad luck!” A classic example of an old myth and, if you’re superstitious, you may well avoid walking under them for fear of the unknown! The email marketing industry also has some myths which could seriously hinder your performance as a marketer, if you stick to them. […]

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What Makes A Great Subject Line?

A question asked very often in email marketing is what makes a great subject line? Unfortunately there is no silver bullet. Our simple answer comes threefold; An email that is timely, relevant and relates with the reader. Our work and personal email accounts are open communication channels and will be utilised very differently. At work […]

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Subject Lines

Once an email hits the inbox, sender name and subject line become everything. You could have the most well designed and expertly coded email anyone has ever seen, but if your subject line isn’t up to scratch, it will never see the light of day. With only 17-29% of emails being opened on average (making […]

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