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Benefits of Using Campaignmaster’s Online Form Builders

Online forms generate further engagement from email campaigns and can add more specifics to your existing database, enabling you to personalise your communications more effectively. With Campaignmaster, you can create a variety of online forms that can be used to grow your databases organically. They can also be used to capture ad-hoc data for events […]

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The New Gmail – More Than a Facelift

With Google I/O 2018, we were flooded with a sea of new features and updates coming not only to Android but also Gmail. After over five years since the last major upgrade, Gmail has received not only a face lift, but also a boost in functionality and security which is rolling out to over 1.2 […]

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Double Opt-In vs Single Opt-In

Do you know the difference between a single and double opt-in process?  Which one should you use to win new email subscribers?  Read on for our guidance. Single Opt-In So, this is basically a sign-up process where a user does not need to verify that they signed up to receive email campaigns.  The user submits […]

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Progressive Profiling

Three Ways to Resolve This As email marketers we are always talking about the need to send targeted, relevant content to improve our email marketing . But this is based on the assumption that we have the information to do that. Well what if you don’t? What steps can you take to improve the quality of […]

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Boost Subscribe Rates with a Pop-Over

Growing your subscriber list quickly and organically is the holy grail for any email marketer. By ‘organic’, I’m not referring to overpriced wonky carrots, but rather email addresses that have been provided directly from an individual. There are plenty of quick ways to artificially boost subscribers, such as purchasing lists or sharing data. While these […]

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