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Terminology Guide for Email Marketers

We created this guide to help email marketers understand some regularly used email marketing terminology. Soft opt in, versus a regular opt in, hard bounce versus soft bounce – it’s not surprising if you’re confused! This guide is not just relevant to our platform, but industry wide. Opt InThis is when a recipient has taken […]

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4 Types of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful means to communicate and a way to connect businesses with their clients and prospects.  If you’re new to it, read on and see what type of campaigns you may look to send and if you need a tour around our platform please get in touch. There are different types of […]

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Image Formats in Email Campaigns

When creating and saving images for your email campaigns, do you consciously save your images in a specific format or is it more of a subconscious action?  When it comes to email marketing, the two most commonly used image formats are .JPEG and .PNG. In this blog, we explore the main differences between both image […]

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Should You Use Emojis in Subject Lines?

Did you know it was World Emoji day recently?  Truthfully, nor did I but it got me thinking.  Emoji’s are small digital images or icons used to express emotion in electronic communications. In 2015, the decision for Oxford Dictionaries to select an emoji as the word of the year because it was the most used […]

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