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Four Super-Smart Trigger Emails

Trigger email has been a pretty hot topic recently, and it’s not surprising to see why. They’re smart, effective and can add real value to your email programme. If you’re not familiar with trigger emails, here’s a quick catch-up: Trigger emails are pre-defined or dynamic emails that are sent once a user completes a specific […]

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Boosting Revenue with Inactive Email Addresses

We previously published an article about the pros and cons of resending emails, but what should you do when your subscribers are simply not reacting? If you are choosing to not mail them you could be leaving money on the table. Yet if you are continuing to mail them you may be able to increase their […]

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Are Your Emails Interactive?

Not so long ago, the world of email marketing was quite a different place. Email clients were pretty much dumbed down versions of web browsers, meaning email could bring you a taste of the web, but not the full thing. For example, a website would let you watch videos, view image galleries and play games, […]

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Four Great Ways to Use Animation in B2B Emails

Over the last few years you’ve probably noticed the increasing amount of animation used in promotional emails. Not only is animation a fantastic way to make your email stand out, it can also be used to demonstrate a product or service in ways that text simply can’t. The most popular method of adding animation to […]

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How to Avoid Getting a Red Card from Spam Filters

Deliverability is one of the biggest issues that email marketers have to tackle. Poor deliverability can seriously affect the chances of your email making it through to your subscribers. Spam filters can catch even the most seasoned marketer off guard, so what can you do to avoid them? In the past spam filters were heavily […]

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A Journey into Welcome Emails

Recently we looked at how effective pop-overs can be when capturing new subscribers. If getting these subscribers is your first step; a welcome email should definitely be your second. This week we’re taking a look into the practice of using welcome emails, as well as providing tips on designing or improving your own. But first […]

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