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Four Super-Smart Trigger Emails

Trigger email has been a pretty hot topic recently, and it’s not surprising to see why. They’re smart, effective and can add real value to your email programme. If you’re not familiar with trigger emails, here’s a quick catch-up: Trigger emails are pre-defined or dynamic emails that are sent once a user completes a specific […]

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Five Questions to Ask Before Sending an Email

In the moments before sending an email to a large list I’m often struck by ‘the fear’.  For me ‘the fear’ is the ‘fight or flight’ response email marketers experience just before sending an email to thousands or millions of people. You may be familiar with it! It’s triggered by the thought of getting one of […]

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The Pros and Cons of Resending Email

Resending emails might oppose the very basics of everyday email etiquette, but what about resending emails as part of your email marketing strategy – should you or shouldn’t you? Resending emails is often overlooked by marketers and even considered taboo. However used correctly it has the ability to increase the life of your email and […]

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Three Ways You May Be Killing Your Email

There are some email mistakes I see time and time again that can really hinder performance. The senders of these emails can’t be blamed too much though. After all, if no one tells them there’s something wrong with their email, how are they to know? If you’re new to email marketing, or consider yourself to be […]

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iOS 7 Mail: What You Need to Know

We’ve been digging around in the latest version of Mail for iOS 7; It’s been the recipient of a lush visual overhaul and a few feature tweaks, but don’t panic. It’s still the same app we all know and love to code for. As we noted at our In:box event a few weeks back, Mail […]

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