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Gmail’s New Postmaster Tools

So what have Gmail gone and done now?  And will their latest offering be a positive or negative thing for email marketers?  Remember the inbox tabs and category labels which had many marketers in a flap, worried whether their emails would ever make it to the primary inbox?  Ultimately, it actually proved to be a […]

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Enough of the Jargon!

When it comes to email marketing, there’s loads of terminology that we e-marketers use. However, my preferred buzz word may be different to yours.  For example: I say use the words ‘suppression list’ but you may use the words say ‘blocked list’.  Both mean exactly the same thing – basically a list of people not […]

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Drag & Drop vs Open Editor

With the plethora of marketing tools available and all promising to improve upon your current marketing efforts, what is key to your decision making?  Cost, ease of use, features, integration?  The list goes on. However, when deciding on which email marketing platform to use, there is an additional option to consider.  Do you opt for a […]

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Best Practice Guide 2012

Earlier this year we published our email marketing ‘best practice guide’. It’s jam packed full of tips and suggestions for effective email marketing, and best of all it’s totally free. That’s right, the best bits of our knowledge and experience gratis, on the house, without recompense and possibly for love… In light of our brand […]

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