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The Campaignmaster Guide to Christmas

While we may be groaning at the ever earlier arrival of Christmas products in the shops, it’s bang on time to begin planning your Christmas email program. That out-of-place looking chocolate selection box and curiously fake snow actually serve as a great reminder to get your own Christmas plans underway. Christmas is obviously a huge […]

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Add Value to Your Email Program with Statement Emails

Being subscribed to a poorly managed email program can often feel like you’re stuck on a one way street. You receive an endless stream of promotional emails with little or no other benefits to yourself. Needless to say, this is a pretty bad way to manage email marketing. Subscribers will soon tune out if there’s […]

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How to Create the Perfect Text Email

Most email users read their messages in an HTML enabled email client. This means they can see nice rich content such as alternating fonts, colours, images & tables i.e the emails that we’re all used to receiving on a daily basis. However, some email users can only get access to what’s called ‘text’ email. This […]

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Things to Do When Launching an Email Campaign

Ten Things to Do Before Launching an Email Campaign You’ve written out your copy, added your links, verified your subscriber list and are ready for launch. If you’re anything like me you’ll now be hovering nervously over the ‘launch’ button whilst going through a mental checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten something. Don’t panic! […]

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Five Ways to Increase Open Rates

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got your inbox sorting technique down to a tee. Fast and furious scanning through swathes of emails, assessing entire groups of messages in seconds flat. Read, mark as read, spam, delete, delete, delete. It’s a pretty efficient but brutal process to be sure, and sometimes even the most […]

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How to Insert and Embed Video in Email

Many of you have asked us whether it is possible to include video within your email campaigns. You’ll be pleased to hear that the answer to this is a resounding ‘Yes!’. It is 100% possible for you to include video content in any email campaign, and you can implement this in a number of different […]

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