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What to Do About Yahoo! Address Recycling

What’s Going On? In order to free up user ID’s on their service, Yahoo! are recycling accounts that have been dormant for a year and allowing new users to sign up with the old ID. All previous data associated with the old accounts will be deleted, including email messages, contacts and any other personal information. […]

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iOS 7 Mail: What You Need to Know

We’ve been digging around in the latest version of Mail for iOS 7; It’s been the recipient of a lush visual overhaul and a few feature tweaks, but don’t panic. It’s still the same app we all know and love to code for. As we noted at our In:box event a few weeks back, Mail […]

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Five Reasons Why Email Is Here to Stay

With the rising use of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, we often hear about the “death of email” as a communication platform. While some arguments for this may seem compelling at first glance, a bit of investigation behind the uses of email reveals that it’s here for the long run. It’s the Key […]

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