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Are Your Emails Interactive?

Not so long ago, the world of email marketing was quite a different place. Email clients were pretty much dumbed down versions of web browsers, meaning email could bring you a taste of the web, but not the full thing. For example, a website would let you watch videos, view image galleries and play games, […]

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How to Find Fantastic Free Images for Email

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ usually rings true for me in most aspects of life, as was the case with free stock photos. With marketing budgets usually stretched to the limit the last thing you want to do is shell out for images each time you send an email. So, how can […]

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How to Add a Tap-To-Call Button to an Email

With mobile fast becoming the dominant force for email opens, it’s good to remember (and easy to forget) that most of these devices are in fact, phones. Phones with the ability to dial any number in the world, including the phone number for your business. Most smartphones can detect and highlight phone numbers in emails, […]

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How to Create a Perfect Email Invitation

There are many ways to send out email invitations, but I’d like to show you how you can create (what i consider to be) the perfect email invitation. It works in all email clients, makes engagement super-easy and allows you to collect RSVP data in one click. Traditionally sending out email invitations has had some limitations. […]

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Gmail Image Caching

Woah, Hold on There! What’s All This ‘Image Caching’ About? Ok, I’ll take it from the top. Traditionally, when you download the images in an email, a request is sent from your email client to an image server. The images are then downloaded in real time from the server and to your email client. Ta-da! […]

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Designing with Tables

Tables provide a structure in which to place rich content, and are often an invisible element of an email. This blog will show you how to create a basic, centralised email using a table layout. Tables were originally designed to display tabular data, which you’re very much used to seeing. Think spreadsheets, statistics, timetables etc. […]

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